5 Websites to Download Free Audiobooks From

Audiobooks are, sometimes, hard to come by when you are on a budget. Because of this, it is often nice to take a step back, stop randomly browsing the net for fun facts, funny cat pictures, or codes like uscasinobonuscode.com, and visit some of the sites that offer free audiobooks. We are not talking about piracy, but public domain works with teams of volunteers ready to provide you with some of the finest literary works out there. Here are 5 such sites.


LibriVox offers a wide selection of audiobooks you can listen to for free and even volunteer if you believe you have a fine voice and proper diction. They offer audiobooks in several languages and you can find the titles they are currently working on as well as the list of completed projects. Of course, you can browse the books by genre. The only downside is that the quality of narrators and recording equipment varies, so there is a chance of coming across a bad recording or a big discrepancy while listening to plays. Other than that, it’s a fine idea.

Loyal Books

Loyal Books used to be known as Books Should Be Free. It has over 50 genres of audio and e-books you can read and listen to in almost 30 languages. Most of their works are free, some are about self-help or politics, and some are self-published. They also cater to paying customers by providing them with a few interesting best-sellers.


OverDrive is only somewhat free and you don’t exactly permanently download audiobooks from it. Here’s the thing – the project and its three different apps, OverDrive, Libby, and Sorra, are generally aimed at students of all ages. In most cases, you need a valid school ID in order to borrow books from the local libraries. That’s right – you actually borrow books from libraries by downloading them onto your device. It is compatible with Android and Apple devices, as well as Windows OS.


Lit2Go features a number of audiobooks and e-books with the idea of the works being used in the classroom. One issue that we have with the site is that is has a few hundred works, while other sites have thousands of titles. Still, it is a pretty decent audiobook site if you are looking for a way to enhance your listening and reading skills.

Project Gutenberg

Finally, we have the pioneer of free books online – Project Gutenberg. The site is a bit old-school and it has 60,000 thousand titles available, though only about 900 of them are in audio format. You can search the books by genre or author and there’s even an advanced search option if you want to get a bit more specific.