Audio Books About Casinos

There are usually two types of people: those who believe in luck and those who don’t. When it comes to gambling, the second group will use all they can to increase their odds of winning, one of the easiest ways being the use of promotional codes such as Energy Casino Promo Codes when signing up on new casino websites.  Most times, people believe that luck is a concept bound to help them one way or another throughout their lives. However, as you may see in best-seller audiobooks about casinos, the truth is much more complicated. If you want to learn more about the exciting world of Casino Royale, just take a peek at this amazing list of audiobooks.

Mob and Casino, a love-hate relationship. Let’s start with the classics. From Nicholas Pileggi, you can read his Casino book. It is, without a shroud of doubt, a real-life story of how Casino used to work back in the old days, but it does show you many elements that transcended to present days.

Risking is the only way to win in Las Vegas. Another excellent tale is that told by Tom Breitling and Cal Fussman in their book Double or Nothing. This audiobook will show how a couple of friends that started from nothing grew to become owners of a Casino worth millions of dollars. Likewise, it sheds some light regarding common problems that Casino owners have to deal with to hold up “The House”. This story is full of childhood dreams, money, corruption, cheating and violence.

Steve Wynn, the Las Vegas Casino King. Another wildly entertaining Casino real-life story is Running Scared. This book was written by John L. Smith. It teaches all about Steve Wynn, former owner of the Bellagio, the Casino with the highest worth of fine art and Wall Street money in Las Vegas. John Smith captured the essence of Wynn and deciphered how this man amazed a huge fortune and chain of Casinos. Don’t miss the chance to hear this book who cost its author pretty much everything after the lawsuits by Wynn himself.

Learn about the Casino Emperors. Just as Steve Wynn, there were other Casino legends like Kirk Kerkorian or Gary Loveman whom professional Casino story is nerve-racking. Thanks to Christina Binkley, you can read all about their success from their very particular perspectives and personalities. Enjoy the personal access that Binkley had to these men as a Wall Street Journal reporter. Relive the never-before-seen high stakes gambling story.

The Casino world is remarkable and these audiobooks proved it. Since the time of The Godfather, some interesting stories have come up regarding the functioning of such institutions. That’s why due to the millions of dollars in stake, losing is never an option you are ready to embrace.