About us

There are a lot of people who appreciate a good book but are not that keen on reading, though this might seem a paradox at first sight. If you think about it, however, nowadays it’s possible to be up to date with the latest book releases and don’t lay eyes on a single page thanks to audiobooks.

Audiobooks are a godsend to many reading lovers who don’t have the time to sit down with a book in their hands, to busy people who are always on the go or multitasking, to those who spend a few hours commuting daily or like to have something to listen to while practicing sports, and last but not least to the blind and the visual impaired.

Our site is aimed at these categories of book lovers, as it is focused on the topic of audiobooks – what they are, how they are made, what types of audiobooks exist, where you can find the best audiobooks, how people can listen to them, and so on.

If you are interested in finding out everything there is to know about audiobooks, stick around and browse through our articles. We’re sure you will find something useful and interesting in here.