Everything You Need to Know About Audible

Sometimes, a product seems too good to be true, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. When people value a product, they usually do so because it really has qualities they prefer. Sometimes, brands or even companies rely on offers and promotions to widen out their audience, and this can be seen with online sportsbooks which offer Matchbook Bonus Code, and with various stores offering welcome discounts etc.

Promotions are as we mentioned, omnipresent in every industry. Today we will be discussing a famous website/app named Audible. You have probably heard about Audible, in any of the popular YouTube channels, because they were actively advertising and still are, in fact. 

Here is everything that you should know about Audible.

What is Audible?

To put it shortly, Audible is a store that sells only audiobooks. As such, you can expect the narration and voiceovers to be perfect, rather than a dull voice that reads all the characters in the same manner. 

Audible is owned by Amazon which gives Amazon and Audible users some bonuses. Audible allows you to purchase books individually and also get some of them for free, with a subscriber’s fee. Think of that subscriber’s fee as simple library membership, but you would actually get audiobooks instead of regular ones.

Is Audible Good?

That depends. Do you like audiobooks and prefer to listen to your books rather than read them? If the answer is yes, then Audible is really good. For those who listen to audiobooks while they are driving, hiking, running, or doing any other task which requires motion that takes time, then Audible is a great solution. 

Frequent listeners should consider Audible as an easy solution to their audiobook needs. It is also a decent store if you want to purchase a single audiobook. You can sync your audiobook progress to an ebook one, which makes things easier if you actually want to stop and read at some point. 

It also syncs between various devices, making sure that you can continue your progress with whichever device you are using.

Audible Memberships

Audible is simple when it comes to the memberships. You have a Gold and Platinum plan, as well as a free one. A plan is recommended, because you get discounts for purchasing books and you get credits which you can use to make books cheaper. The thing with the credits is that they are best used for books that cost more than the credit is worth in money, of course.

You also get a free book with the trial membership, and you get to keep it even if you don’t want to renew your membership. 

For those who enjoy listening to books rather than reading them, Audible is the perfect solution. You get free books, credits to lower the prices of other books, as well as a great user experience, syncing with multiple devices and book formats. 

Audible is a great service for audiobook enthusiasts.