The Best Apps for Listening to Audiobooks

Having extra time lost in transit is probably one of the most frustrating feelings a person can have. You have to travel between places and you spend hours in doing so almost every day. Some people use those hours to socialize, others just sit and hate their lives.

There are various ways to spend time in transit, from socializing to gambling. Yes, people like to gamble online while traveling. You’d need an account, like an open account for Paddy Power, and an internet connection, and you would be good to go.

Other people like to get educated, improve their skills and learn. That is difficult if you have to read, for example. Audiobooks, on the other hand, are a very good solution to long-distance travel. Audiobooks can be bought, downloaded, or played through applications, which is the most convenient. Applications are the best solution, so here are the best ones for listening to audiobooks.


This name is almost synonymous with audiobooks today, for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that they offer over 150,000 audiobooks for you to listen to. Another reason is that they are available on both the dominant mobile platforms, Android and iOS. The third reason is the ever-evolving support and connectivity with Amazon. You have options to switch between text and audio almost instantly. You can open chapters, bookmark parts, slow and speed up the audio. The application comes with a monthly subscription of 14,95 dollars, which is not a lot of money, if you are an avid audiobook listener, and pays out if you listen to at least three audiobooks each month.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is not a monthly subscription based application, but rather one where you can preview and purchase books over the Play Store later. With no subscription, browsing and checking out previews should give you an insight into which audiobooks you like, from which publisher. Not all audiobooks are equal and some readers can be dull, while others can be quite exciting. Some high budget audiobooks can have multiple voice actors to make the experience better. More does not mean better, so the preview feature is amazing in its own way.

Audio Books

This application, by is an interesting one. It allows cross-platform synchronization, meaning that you can continue your listening wherever you left it off on another platform, mobile, tablet or even desktop. They have a large library with around 50000 audiobooks. The player is essential, offering chapter navigation, snooze, listening speed configuration and probably the most sought after feature, offline listening. Streaming is nice and all, but when abroad, downloading audiobooks is a must have.

These are some of the best applications you can use to listen to audiobooks on multiple mobile systems, as well as on the desktop. These applications either come with a subscription fee or with an option to preview and then purchase the audiobooks you like. Whichever you choose, you will have a large library to explore, as well as content to fill your travel time with.