Audio Books About Gambling

Gambling is a very old phenomenon. Since the old days, it is a hobby shared by men to test their luck and odds. As a “game”, it has developed greatly and now there are millions of ways to gamble as well as the places to do it. When you’re betting online, you can even find sports betting sites in Canada and other countries, but also very useful articles about upcoming football matches just like this one to help you make the best choices. For these reasons, gambling has become a topic exploited in books. Some authors have written about the game and its effect on society. Nevertheless, the vast majority address gambling as an addiction so they focus their writings on providing solutions for this problem. If you are affected by this, here you have a couple of essential audiobooks to learn more about how to win the race versus gambling addiction.

Let’s begin with the basics. One of the most famous titles is Discover How to Overcome Gambling Addiction for Life. This book helps you to create defense mechanisms against gambling. It will also provide you with some tools to deal with the need to gamble as well as how best to replace this addiction with a hobby more suitable and healthier. Definitely a must-listen audiobook.

A classic for recovering addicts. Another highly praised book is Gambling Addiction Recovery: Gambling Addiction Recovery and Cure of Your Life. This audiobook has received very positive praises from people facing a gambling problem. Its teachings encourage people to start recognizing gambling as a form of psychological dependency. As such, it focuses on recognizing the first symptoms of a gambling addiction. This way people will learn to identify their problem before it’s too late. For these reasons, it tries to strengthen self-diagnosis as the main mechanism. Equally, it inspires people suffering from a gambling addiction to take “The twelve step program” offered by Gamblers Anonymous.

Men are more likely to become addictive gamblers. One last audiobook to point out is Stop Gambling. It is a book written by Darren Marks. It will show you an excellent analysis of gambling itself. Darren offers updated information and statistics related to gambling. He also explains interesting facts about the gender distribution of those who are generally affected by gambling. For example, this author states that men are more likely to suffer from gambling addiction than women. Likewise, he identifies crucial signs of gambling addiction like thinking all the time about it, escaping from work to gamble, lying to borrow money, using illegal means to get money to gamble, neglecting family or other personal responsibilities and feeling a need to relieve stress by gambling. If you think you are displaying any of these symptoms, consider hearing to what this book has to say.

These audiobooks have been useful for a lot of people struggling with a gambling addiction. Give them a try and feel the change. They may be the solution you have been waiting for. Listening to them won’t take too much of your time. Remember that sometimes a sacrifice is necessary to win. But best of all, these books are very cheap in comparison with the help they provide.