The Best Alternatives to Audible

Listening to music or entertaining ourselves is a great way to spend time when we are doing something else that requires our attention, like commuting, driving, running or even playing games online or using the Betfair Promo Code. Yet, some people prefer listening to something while being otherwise occupied. Audible is a great choice if you want to listen to an audiobook when commuting, or at any other time.

But, is Audible the only choice? Of course not, here are some great alternatives.

Audiobooks, named as simply as possible, is a great place to start if you want to listen to audiobooks. It has a solid free trial, giving you a choice of three audiobooks to listen to. You can choose whichever ones you want, of course.

It is a subscription-based method, as most are, and has a large library of books to browse through. Their categorization is simple and effective and they are ever so helpful when it comes to new listeners. Go through their categories to find something that you might find enjoyable.

They have book clubs which you can join for free, at first, and which have thousands of books that you might like. The free trial period lasts for 30 days, so make sure to make use of it.


If you haven’t heard of Scribd, then you were never interested in printed books, or rather, typed text. Scribd is a huge library of printed or written, typed work, as well as audiobooks, anything ranging from scientific research, magazines, bestselling novels, short stories, to audiobooks, what we came for.

You can always create a free account and browse the site, finding snippets of things to come. You can also activate a free 30 day premium account, which will give you access to more stuff, limited in a similar way to the others. Scribd is great if you want audiobooks and written books, and they have almost anything, so give them a visit.


Chirp is a great platform for people who do not want to dedicate a subscription to an audiobook service. This is a great alternative to all the other services which are mostly subscription based, albeit all of them offer you the possibility to purchase your own audiobook.

Chirp differs because they have great deals on audiobooks which change almost daily. You will certainly find an audiobook which you might enjoy and being able to own the book for a single price and not subscribe and then not use the service is a lovely option. 


Libro is an interesting service, subscription-based, of course, which allows you to find an audiobook easily. Anyone from staff members, to influencers and experienced listeners can create playlists which should help you find something according to a certain criteria. 

This alone makes the process easier on new listeners and on experienced ones who want something new to spice up their quest for literature. 


While Audible is a great service for listening to audiobooks, these ones are just as good if not better, depending on your needs.