Audio books about football

There are people who like to multitask even when watching sports. And I’m talking about those who are so engrossed in their passion that don’t want to miss their favourite team’s performance on the field, but also can’t put their headphones down because they started listening to an interesting and informative audiobook about their favourite sport, in order to get informed as much as possible.

And because football fans seem to be the most passionate among sports lovers, as we notice also for the huge amount of bets placed on for worldcup for example, we decided to compile a short list of the best audiobooks about football for them to listen to while watching a live match if they don’t bother with the commentary.

To start on a joyful note, the audiobook that tops our list is definitely the most entertaining book about football ever produced. It’s called “Football My Arse!: The Funniest Football Book You’ll Ever Hear” by Ricky Tomlinson and it’s narrated by the author himself.

The book is a great listen as it includes a plethora of hilarious anecdotes about every aspect of English football, as well as plenty of gaffs made by football players, managers and commentators. The only downside is that it comes across as a collection of jokes and stories rather than a fully fletched book and this might not be to some readers/listeners’ liking.

“The Keeper,” written by Ali Benjamin and world-class athlete Timothy Howard, falls into a very different genre but is a great book nonetheless. The book is a candid memoir about the life and career of Tim Howard, one of America’s best professional soccer players. The U.S. and Everton goalkeeper talks about his childhood, the difficulties caused by being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, and the sacrifices he has made for his career.
What turned him into a football sensation was the World Cup match when the United States national team faced Belgium and Howard managed a record-breaking 15 saves for his team.

An equally interesting audiobook about personal experiences is that written by Pelé and titled “Why Soccer Matters.” In it, the legendary player analyzes the sport’s recent history and shares details about what soccer can accomplish and its role in the world.

“The History Of The World Cup” is a great classic book about football. It is written by Brian Glanville and narrated by Arsenal goalkeeper Bob Wilson. By listening to this audiobook, those interested in a little bit of football history will find out how the World Cup started, details about the early days, as well as a rundown of all World Cup editions from 1930 until the early 2000s.

And for those who want to listen to an educational audiobook, we recommend Ace McCloud’s “Soccer: Soccer Strategies.” As per the publisher’s notes, the book will teach readers/listeners how to becomes better players and teammates, as it focuses on professional mental strategies, advice on best foods for footballers, strategies for each position on the field, as well as exercises and drills to enhance strength and skills and thus maximize chances of success in this beautiful sport.