Where Can You Listen to Audiobooks Online

When travel meets boredom, people turn to chatting, reading the newspaper or observing the sights. Well, they used to, three or four decades ago. In this day and age, mobile phones and tablets, all sorts of mobile multimedia devices are used for entertainment purposes. Some people like to focus on work while traveling, others, they like to bet. Yes, people like betting when they have nothing better to do. Online casinos provide people with an opportunity to bet whenever they want. On the other hand, not all casinos and sportsbooks are worth your time or money so reading a casino/sportsbook review is recommended to get the best experience.

But, there are also people who focus on improving themselves rather than improving their wallet. Some like to catch up on all the literature classics they missed out in high school. Reading while travelling is difficult so people turn to audiobooks. With everyone having internet access, listening to audiobooks online is possible and here are the best ways to do it.


Audible is a very large and popular service which offers audiobooks, lots of audiobooks. It is subscription-based so a fee must be paid. But, by paying the fee, you get access to over 150,000 audiobooks. Audible is also connected to Amazon, so you can use that account to access their site. They also have applications for you to use, for the Android and iOS systems. It is probably the best audiobook provider/store. They also have a trial period which is amazing, as you get access to a free audiobook and Audible Originals


Scribd is often associated with written content, and for a good reason. It is the best place to find all the scanned and bootleg content for a measly sum of 10 dollars per month. PDFs of all sorts and written content like researches are available here. But, they started offering audiobooks, to which you also get access, even with the one month free trial. Their collection of audiobooks is expanding so they have become a valid choice for audiobooks, as well as written content. If you can get both, why not get it?

Google Play Books

Google is of course, offering its own solution to the audiobook dilemma. It is a good service, which offers previews instead of a subscription-based system. Previews are great, as you get to hear the voice actors, which is essential to a good audiobook listening experience. It is possible to have their application on the desktops as well as Android and iOS devices. The player, like most other players of various sites and applications, offers chapter browsing, changing the speed of the content and a snooze function.


No, it has nothing to do with playing the guitar. Yes, it has a lot to do with your local libraries if they offer digital services. This means that you can loan, or rather, checkout ebooks and audiobooks from any library that you are a member of. The only downside is that not all libraries offer digital services, which is a shame because the application is free. It is essentially a management application for loaning books, you do not purchase anything with it.

These are some of the best ways you can access audiobooks online. Some of these applications offer you the option to download the books if you want to listen to them when you do not have an active internet connection. Streaming audiobooks is an easy way to listen to new content and keep your phone storage free for other things.