Audio Books on Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is very important today, as no company would even be existing without it. Digital marketing has many shapes and sizes, forms and types, from banners and advertisements on pages, to various other things like entire sites dedicated to a single product or even in-game advertisement.

Learning about digital marketing can be a tedious task, but also, one which you can do in your excess time, like that spent commuting or walking down the street. Audio books are the solution to this and here are the best ones on digital marketing.

SEO for Growth

Search engine optimization is essential today, and is a part of every site’s or product’s marketing campaign. The full name of the book also contains The Ultimate Guide for Marketers, Web Designers & Entrepreneurs, which sums it up just about right. The book has expert advice on how to approach SEO, the entirety of optimization, meaning more than just simple usage of keywords. John Jantsch and Phil Singleton are the authors of the book. After buying it, you can head on over to their site, which has the same name as the book, and download additional resources.

The Content Code

This book comes form a best-selling author named Mark W. Schaefer. He authored books on digital marketing name the Tao of Twitter and Social Media Explained. This one, in particular, deals with the problems people encounter when they want to learn something about online marketing. The problems are usually lots of information, things which need to be filtered as not everything is good learning material.

Email Marketing Demystified

Matthew Paulson brings us an audio book which deals with a very important part of digital marketing and that is email marketing. Emails can be bothersome, spam, or just boring. Paulson breaks down the many strategies you can use to get more people to your site or product. These strategies are sound and tested, not just in theory, but in practice, which should also explain the many positive reviews the book has.


This word carries a lot of weight everywhere, from everyday life, sports, to online marketing. Things change and you must adapt. Shama Hyder explains how to adapt to an ever-changing online world of marketing. Momentum will help you understand marketing better, not as this mysterious phenomenon which is shrouded in shadows, but rather a normal, everyday thing, necessary for any business or brand.

Everybody Writes

Ann Handley strives to remind us that writing clickbait headlines and sloppy work just to fill out a quota will not work anymore, if it ever had. This book deals with the topic of the written word in online marketing, from content on sites to general use of social media. Your words are a way of communicating with your customers, they can be the most important thing at certain points in a brand’s history.

Disruptive Marketing

Geoffrey Colon brings us a book which inspires movement and critical thinking. Doing the same thing over and over again will not bring you more customers or enhance your brand. No plan can remain unchangeable nor can any strategy be completely foolproof. Adaptation and disruptive thinking and marketing can get you ahead, and this book full of stories and experiences will show you how.

These are the best audio books on digital marketing you can listen to.