Audio Books for Kids

Audiobooks can be a powerful tool when raising kids. These are a good option if you are a parent who would like his children to share the same passion for books. If you want your kids to read, you can start by playing audiobooks until they are able to master the written concept on their own. This will show them how fun reading a book can be. These following audiobooks are among the best for kids from 3 to 7 years of age.

Meet Charlotte the spider.  Charlotte’s Web is #1 in many audiobooks lists for kids. Since its first edition in 1952, this book is a mandatory reading for every child. It has also been adapted to a movie in 1973, also having a great success. It is narrated in a dynamic manner by George Plimpton thus making it more entertained for kids. This book will help your child to come to grips with the role of friendship by understanding the relationship between Charlotte and Wilbur. Likewise, its author chose animals like spiders and pigs that children tend to be afraid of in order to help them overcome their fears. Lastly, it is helpful because it teaches about the rural life which urban children don’t know much about.

It is a mouse; it is “Stuart Little”. Coincidently, it was written by the same author of Charlotte’s Web. Whites wrote it in 1945 to tell the story of a mouse born into a human family. Like Charlotte’s Web, it was also adapted to the big screen in 1999. Although the original book was written in an archaic language, the audiobook versions introduced changes to make them more comprehensible for children. Kids can learn a lot of things from this book like the relationship among siblings and the necessity of overcoming obstacles to achieve personal goals.

Learn the importance of a tree house with “The Magic Treehouse”. It is the most famous work of Mary Pope Osborne. The Magic Treehouse is a collection of books that have siblings as main characters who decided to read different stories in a tree house.  It is narrated by the author herself, which means that the intonation and rhythm of the audiobooks are excellent. Many parents have said that these adventures have truly helped their kids to improve their reading skills.

Last but not least, it’s “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”. Mr. Popper’s Penguins is about a humble house painter who ends up raising twelve penguins on his own. It’s one of American literature’s classic for kids. It was written by Florence and Richard Atwater in 1938. The audiobook version is narrated by Nick Sullivan. As a book, it helps kids to know more about these amazing animals and the importance of treating animals respectfully. This excellent book has become even more popular after its movie adaptation by the actor Jim Carrey.

If you use these audiobooks, you will not only entertain your kids but also educate them in a different and effective way. Give them the opportunity to know more about classic literature.