Audio books about poker

Anyone who is new to poker may find the game quite frustrating even if it is easy to learn and play. You might have already tried playing on some websites such as bet365 and even using bonus codes for bet365, only to realize you don’t even know when to start. The problem is you need a lot of practice in order to master it. Luckily, there are a lot of good books that could help you with the basic rules, strategy and ways to master poker. And for those who don’t manage to find the time to sit down and read, audiobooks are an innovative and helpful way to consume high-quality poker content.

If you too are a poker enthusiast eager to learn but don’t have time for paper books, check our short list of audiobooks that will teach poker players different aspects of the card game.

“The Poker Mindset” by Matthew Hilger is the Bible of many poker players. It has become one of the most popular poker books after it enhanced the gaming style of tens of thousands of players around the world. It is translated into eight different languages and is also available in audiobook format. It teaches players different approaches and behaviors that enable them to up their game.

Jonathan Little, a professional poker player from Florida, has written several books about poker that are now available as audiobooks. One of them is “Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments,” which is aimed at beginners and includes great tips for those who want to start small, with small stake tournaments. The book also teaches readers how to decipher their opponents’ habits and use this to their advantage.

Little also has something for more advanced players too, in the form of “Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker.” This is not a book for beginners, but it’s not for higher-level players either. It is actually targeted at those who already know the basic rules and want to up their game.

“Reading PokerTells” by Zachary Elwood is our next suggestion of audiobook about poker, and especially about how to analyze your opponents and interpret every gesture they make. It is for both beginners and intermediate players who participate in live poker sessions. After listening to this audiobook, you will be able to not only notice habits of other players but also identify your own tells and use them to your advantage.

Jared Tendler and Barry Carter’s “The Mental Game of Poker” audiobook is also among our picks as it focuses on an interesting aspect, specifically the mental side of poker. The audiobook teaches all players, regardless of their expertise, how to deal with the variance of the game, how to stay motivated, how to prepare for big games, and how to make the best game decisions.